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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Does it cost to come in?

    • It does NOT cost to come in and shop with us! We welcome everyone. The only time it costs you, is when you wish to make a purchase! 

  • What are the different prices for?

    • Bin prices start at $8 on Fridays, $8 Saturdays, $4 Sundays, and $2 Monday. Prices are per item. (There are items in the bins that have retail value for over $300, when you purchase that item for $8 and a pack of straws for $8, the prices even-out.)

      • Occasionally, we will have days where we discount bin items to $1. Those are not designated days and we do not "schedule" them. We announce those days on our Facebook page, which is updated almost daily.

  • Where does our product come from?

    • Our products come from many places, bin products are from big box store overstock and certified returns. For our bigger ticketed items, such as furniture and appliances, we attend auctions every other week to bid on lots at a time. Almost all of our product we purchase before we know what is all on the truck, therefore, when you see it first, we do too.

      • All of our appliances are new, scratch and dent. They come with a manufacturer's warranty & you are first owner at time of purchase.

  • When do we get new shipments in?

    •  We get new shipments each week. New product and inventory is out on Fridays and Saturdays.

  • Do you have military discounts?

    • Unfortunately, No. Our products are already discounted as much as possible.

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